CrossFit Bakersfield

So you want to change your body. You want to improve your health, your strength, and your flexibility. Maybe what you seek is a little boost, some added spunk, a burst of extra energy. Let’s do some CrossFit Bakersfield!

You’ve done your research. You’ve checked out the CrossFit trainers official directory. You know Crossfit is the quickest, most effective, most proven method for you to reach your goals. Now, how do you choose a CrossFit gym in Bakersfield, CA when there are so many? We want you to succeed, we want you to be excited about your gym, every single day! Choosing Crossfit 661 to facilitate your most ambitious goals and dreams is something you will never regret! Contact our Bakersfield office today!

What is CrossFit Anyway?

Let’s talk about body weight exercises shall we? CrossFit has made them famous, and science has proven their effectiveness. Our trainers are industry leaders and are paving new roads when it comes to executing body weight exercises, and they’re doing it right here, in our crossfit gym in Bakersfield, California. Check us out on Facebook and Google Plus.

Well Known Body Weight Exercises

Pull Ups

Sit Ups

Push Ups


Less Known Body Weight Exercises


Hand Stand Push Ups


Ring Dips


Back Extensions

What Makes Us Different Than The Rest?

Our trainers! Plain and simple. Our CrossFit trainers have more experience, more knowledge, and more certifications than any other trainer in Bakersfield! It won’t take long for that fact to sink in after you drop in to check us out. You’ll see that signing up for a monthly membership at Crossfit 661 is a very big step towards meeting your fitness goals. Prepare to become the ultimate human machine, body and mind. This is Crossfit 661.